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Trips and Rates

Welcome, please scroll down to view our rates and learn what to expect during your day of fishing with Captain Ben. Keep in mind that Captain Ben will give his best recommendation depending on the season, weather, and current fishing conditions.

Above all our goal is provide a safe, unique, and enjoyable experience for all. Regardless of skill level Captain Ben is willing to accommodate to all anglers by providing encouragement and instruction to best assist you in achieving your fishing goals. 


4 Hour: $550

6 Hour: $650

8 Hour: $750


Flats Sight Fishing Trip

Captain Ben invites you to experience the excitement of sight fishing on the legendary flats of the Florida Keys. Step aboard our well-equipped charter boat and embark on an unforgettable adventure. As Captain Ben quietly pushes the boat across shallow flats you will have the opportunity to see fish and present them your fly, lure, or bait. Captain Ben will give you his best guidance in how to retrieve and manipulate whatever is on the end of your line in the most appealing way to the fish you are stalking. The adrenaline rush when witnessing a fish chase down your offering and start ripping line off your reel is truly unforgettable. 

Fly Fishing

Saltwater fly fishing is an intense pursuit that has taken hold of many anglers in todays fishing community. It is undeniably a more technical method of targeting fish than most others but offers an extremely high degree of satisfaction and accomplishment when you're hooked up on that bucket list fish you've been pursuing. It is important to keep in mind that saltwater fly fishing differs greatly in many ways compared to fresh water. In most scenarios you will be casting to an individual or small group of fish and ideally witness one of them take the fly. It is important to make sure you are well prepared prior to your trip in order to make the most out of the opportunities the fish give us. Here's a short list of tips that will help you excel in the saltwater environment:

  • Learn and become proficient at using a double haul cast. You Tube is a great teacher for this one.

  • Practice casting in wind the windier the better.

  • Practice consistently hitting a basketball sized target from 50 feet away.

  • Practice backhand casting and casting with a minimal amount of false casts.

  • Practice strip setting.


Spinning Gear

Utilizing spin gear is another great way to target flat fishes. Depending on the fish being targeted and specific location being fished Captain Ben will set you up with the best possible artificial lure or bait for the job. While spin fishing we utilize a variety of different techniques including sight casting, blind casting, live bait drifting, and more. On cloudy days when sight fishing is difficult or not effective, utilizing spin gear is a great way to make sure you still land some nice fish. 

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